Creative Arts

Our selection of activities includes a great deal more than just the typical outdoor activities – we at Wiston believe in all aspects of experiential learning, whether that is outdoor challenge activities, or one of our creative activities. We appreciate not all people are keen on outdoor challenges – and this shouldn’t limit them from visiting us. That’s why we’re one of the few personal development centres in the country to offer creative arts and music activities alongside the more traditional outdoor challenge activities.

Drum Circle

Drum circles are a wonderful way to really engage a group and have them working together – no musical skills required! From our experience, the use of rhythm and dexterity translates to groups working more in step with each other in our other activities.


The old Victorian Lodge and surrounding woodland are perfect for getting the creative juices flowing, and we have facilitators who can guide children on a walk around the estate, telling stories about the forest and who lives there to spark their imaginations – and perhaps inspiring them to create their own stories!

Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts can be a gentle activity for those who would rather stay indoors – this can involve making your own comic book characters, painting and decorating your own creations, masks, costumes and anything you can think of! Many groups have this activity as a quiet evening indoors during a residential or as something different for those who’d rather stay indoors.


The word drama often conjures up grand performances and reciting lines but at Wiston it’s something altogether different! Our drama instructors focus on team building through various drama games and silly fun. No knowledge of Shakespeare required!

Contact us to find out more about adding creative arts activities to your visit.