Personal Social and Emotional Development

How do we help people reach their potential?

What do we need for our personal, social and emotional development?

At Wiston Lodge, we believe everyone should have experiences and support in order to develop social skills, a willingness to learn and a positive sense of themselves and of other people.

We do this by using experiential learning, delivered through Outdoor Adventure Activities, Nature Connection or Creative Arts.

This enables each person to develop the six core skills needed for a fulfilled life; these are teamwork, problem solving, communication, reliability, trainability and adaptability.

To encourage learning, we focus on each person’s physical and social needs. To build self-esteem we use challenge with a high level of support. By encouraging “Challenge by Choice”, each person is responsible for their own learning and development.

Our facilitators are experienced in working with young people and adults at risk. Behaving with empathy and positive regard they act as role models. Safety, enjoyment and learning are our key priorities, and we have a practical and positive approach to the assessment and management of risk.

We work with you to design a programme that will reinforce your aims and objectives. Below are a few examples of programmes for visiting residential groups. Each visit is unique, but these give a flavour of how you can expect a visit to pan out.

We have over 20 years experience running Princes Trust Team residentials too.

Example Programmes

2 Night Residential Guide Programme

2 Night Weekend Residential Guide Programme

5 Day, Week-long Residential

Together we will build a strong sense of community that encourages respect for self, for others and the environment.