Please Help Repair Wiston Lodge’s Roof!

Our Roof- A Century of Sheltering Wiston Lodge

Wiston Lodge’s main building is a beautiful, Category B listed former Victorian hunting lodge.  The good news is that the Lodge’s structure is in fairly good condition.  The bad news is that our roof isn’t.  The last time that our Main Lodge’s roof was worked on in its entirety was in 1924.  It has provided shelter to thousands of people over the last century.  Unfortunately, it is now leaking and needs to be repaired.  We need a roof that is again robust and built to last for another hundred years!

The Situation

Due to the impacts of age, there has been substantial decay and damage to our roof’s slates, sarking, leadwork, mortar and chimneys. Without renovation, there will be more water leakage to the building, potentially resulting in property damage. If this situation goes unchecked, our guest accommodations, offices, reception areaand Small Lounge will be threatened.

A New Roof: Important for Our Visitors

A new roof is crucial for Wiston Lodge.  When young people first arrive here, our primary job is to make them feel at home.  We welcome our guests into a cosy, warm group room; feed them a hearty, healthy lunch and then let them settle into their comfortable, freshly decorated bedrooms.  However, before we can begin important personal development activities with our visitors, we need to help them relax and to trust us. Having a watertight, dry building is key to this rapport-building process that must take place between our programme participants and their instructors. 

Our Roof: Key to Our Success as a Charity 

Wiston Lodge can’t function without a healthy roof. We need a well repaired roof so that we can continue our timely work with visitors on our residential programmes. In fact, we need a new roof so that we can continue ALL of our work as a charity.  Indeed, all of our work outdoors with our guests couldn’t happen without all of the work that we do indoors.  Path of the Little People.  Our popular Activities and Holiday Programmes.  Canoeing. Music and Arts…None of these offerings would be possible without a roof that keeps the water out of our main building.  

Please Buy a Slate Today and Contribute to Our Roof Repair Campaign

As part of our roof’s renovation, we will have to replace approximately 80% of its slates.  Slates are expensive, especially since, for conservation purposes, we have to purchase increasingly rare Scottish ones.  Each of these roofing tiles costs approximately £3.00. We will need around 5,220 slates to replace damaged ones on the Main Lodge’s Porch Roof and South Block Roof.  New timber, lead gutters, iron pipes, mortar and other items will also have to be purchased.

Progress Made on Fundraising – 100% Funding Achieved for Stage 1! 

With your help, we now have enough money to start the restoration process. Thanks to the support of several generous individuals, trusts and foundations over the last year, we have raised 100% of the funds required for this timely effort, funds that will be used for building materials and labour costs. To date, we have secured £83,589 out of a needed £83,589 for this first roof conservation phase to occur.  

Your Contribution Makes a Difference 

With a little more support, we can succeed.  Together, we can ensure a dry building and a bright future for our charity.  Let’s give something back to this historic, picturesque lodge that has sheltered so many, and ensure that it has a fit for purpose roof.  We look forward to receiving your contribution today!  (If you are a UK taxpayer and you fill in the attached Gift Aid form, we can add 20% to your contribution.)  

Thank you for your consideration.