Becoming a partner at Wiston Lodge

What is a Partner?

As a Partner of Wiston Lodge, you will play a key role in supporting our organisation to grow. For 15 years, Wiston Lodge has been making a lasting impact on thelives of children, vulnerable young adults and people facing adversity or disadvantage. To achieve these transformations, we need the support of organisations who can help us to bring ambitious plans into reality.

Why support Wiston Lodge?

Becoming a Partner means you’ll help children and young people to access activities that develop their resilience, confidence and sense of belonging. By getting involved with our work, Partners will help to improve life chances and opportunities for many people.
We work with visitors from all over Scotland and the UK. Partners feature on our website, social media and in news articles, showingthose near and far how they support charitable work.


Schools, universities and charities can, support us with work on grounds and buildings development, and we support  them to come here, for example through endorsing their funding bids for residential visits.


Employers can sponsor or support us
through regular fundraising events and
gain preferred booking dates for their
own events, plus the company or
organisation’s logo will be displayed on
our website.

Ways you can be part of something amazing

• Sponsor parts of our grounds
or equipment, helping us to
meet the cost of
• Make a company donation
towards our fund-raising for
dedicated projects
• Book for a day or residential
visit and allocate some time to
work with our team on specific
projects across our estate
• Select us as your charity when
your organisation takes part in
fundraising events

• Arrange your own charity
event, or support
employees to be part of
• Set up a payroll giving
scheme at
• Use our branded
stationery and other
merchandise to spread
the word about us