warm welcome

Friends of Wiston Lodge

We provide a unique rural setting where young people can feel safe and be supported to develop the skills they need to grow as individuals.

Through our core programmes, we use adventure activities, nature connections and creative arts to help children and vulnerable young people realise their potential. 

Without our supporters, Wiston Lodge would not be around today.

With their help, we’ve grown and developed to carry on the work envisaged from the beginning.

Could you help us to do even more?

What is a Friend?

A Friend is someone who shares our passion for transforming the lives of the young and vulnerable using the outdoors and creative
arts. They are people who are willing to contribute to ensuring we can continue our work, and develop our services for children.

What Does it Involve?

Friends have no legal responsibilities in the charity but are invited to contribute in other ways:

• Regular donations of money or equipment

• Volunteering time regularly to help with work on the grounds or property

• Giving services in kind such as sharing your expertise in maintenance skills, business support, or other specialist knowledge

• Helping us to achieve set projects and bring our more ambitious tasks to life

• Buddying or mentoring a young person

• Arranging to leave us a legacy in your will

• Fundraising through your own events

Our Friends are special to us and to say thanks, you’ll get:

• An invite to our Friends and Partners Day and other community events
• Regular news and updates about our plans
• The option to plant a tree – your place to grow at Wiston Lodge.

How Do I Sign Up?

Choose how you would like to support us and complete the relevant form below.

Please return this form to info@wistonlodge.co.uk upon completion.