One of Wiston Lodge’s major attractions is our outdoor space. Our 53-acre estate consists of a wide variety of woodlands, with various walks and features to explore.

The scale of our estate allows us to offer a wide range of environments. Some of these are described below:

  • Policy woodlands. These woodlands, surrounding the main house, consist of interesting and exotic trees and plantings. This creates a beautiful area in the immediate surroundings of the main house.
  • Regenerating woodland. This area is undergoing natural regeneration, with pioneer species and some native broadleaf planting.
  • Plantation woodland. We have three plantations: an area of Sitka Spruce which provides firewood and building material, a larch plantation approaching maturity, and a mixed plantation of young larch and ash trees.
The estate is under constant development to ensure it is a safe, welcoming and inspiring place for groups to use. The estate also plays an important role in our environmental values that are at the core of our work.