Updated 21st August 2021

Keeping our customers and staff safe and well is our number one priority during the pandemic – we have all the necessary procedures and changes in place to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable visit. As part of this, our head of hospitality has undertaken specific Covid-19 training and is overseeing our safety practices. 

All of our activities have been risk-assessed for Covid-19, and thanks to to fact that all take place outdoors the vast majority are able to continue with only minor changes to hygiene and sanitising practices.

Whether you are a new or returning customer, below you will find up to date information on what we can currently offer. Links to documents briefly outlining the changes that have been implemented to help you plan and prepare for your visit to us.

This page and the downloadable documents are updated as the advice and guidelines from local and national government changes.

We want everyone who visits us to feel safe and comfortable during their visit. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The following information is designed to bring some clarity to the delivery of programmes at Wiston Lodge as a result of the move to ‘beyond level zero’ on August 9th.

It is important to recognise that both children and adults may feel anxious about returning to forms of face to face engagement. These feeling should be considered when both planning and executing programme activities.

Residential Visits

With the easing of restrictions on the 9th August, Wiston Lodge is now back open again for residential visits. 

We are limiting the number of people of any age from different households sharing bedrooms as a continuing precaution to ensure we keep our visitors as safe as we can. As such, capacities for our sleeping accommodation is as follows:

Main House

25 people across 9 bedrooms - maximum of 4 people sharing a bedroom


12 people across 6 bedrooms (3 cabins) - maximum of 2 people in a bedroom


Up to 30 people (as one group)

In line with the law, we will continue to collect the contact details of all guests who visit us. This is kept for 21 days and then destroyed. 

Groups will continue to be asked to observe 1m distancing whilst indoors, and masks will be required unless medically exempt whilst moving around the main house.

The “Buddy System” for bedrooms sharing shower/toilet facilities will continue – more detail on this can be downloaded below. This is to minimise the amount of sharing of these spaces. Shower facilities are sanitised regularly. 

Tables will be laid out with maximum 4 people per table, with family style self-serve of meals. For larger groups, we may need to spread out into the adjoining large lounge or have multiple sittings for meals. 

All visitors aged 12+ coming for a residential stay or day visit will be asked to take an at-home lateral flow test less than 24 hours before they arrive. Proof of this test will required on arrival, either in the form of the text/email received upon registering the test, or a photo clearly showing the test and proof of the date it was taken.

If staying for more than 2 nights, then we will ask visitors to bring another lateral flow test to be taken mid-way through the visit.

We also recommend that residential visitors take a final lateral flow test within 3 days of departing, and let us know of any positive results – ideally this should be coordinated by the group leader/organiser.

All our staff are at-home testing themselves twice weekly.

Where possible, when we have multiple groups on site they will be kept separate. Groups staying residential in the house will have sole use of the main body of the house – with the possible exception of the Games Room which can be kept separate for other groups where necessary.  

There may be some sharing of toilet facilities, which will mainly affect groups visiting for the day. All toilets are checked and sanitised regularly throughout the day. 

Where possible we are encouraging groups to gather outdoors if the weather allows. Whilst indoors, every room will have windows open and doors open to allow for ventilation. As we move into winter we appreciate this may mean colder indoor spaces, so group organisers will be advised to ask participants to bring plenty of warm clothes.

Day Visits & Activities

Day visits are continuing as normal, whether for activities or use of our facilities for training. Activity groups are back to pre-covid size with a maximum of 12 participants per instructor. 

Increased hygiene practices in line with our Risk Assessments is ongoing on outdoor safety equipment, and regular hand sanitising during activities is encouraged

groups of 12 for activities

increased group rooms capacities

additional hygiene measures continue

catering & refreshments available

Risk Assessments and Standard Operating Procedures

COVID RA’s and SOPS are in place to support the enhanced hygiene and physical distancing requirements. These measures are under constant review and it remains the responsibility of all staff members to not only maintain awareness as to updates, and to enforce the parameters outlined in this documentation with staff and guests alike.

The documents are designed to support Scottish Government’s “FACTS” protective measures and cover the following control measures.

  • Physical Distancing
  • Enhanced Cleaning Arrangements
  • Guidance on the provision and use of PPE equipment.
  • Guidance on the provision of facilities to aid personal hygiene including, to handwashing. alcohol gel etc.
  • Measures such as contact/visitors log to support in line with Scottish Government Test and Protect COVID-19 guidance
  • Clear signage and communication to groups/individuals, inside, outside and offsite.
  • Clear guidance as to the course of action required should any individual(s) display symptoms of COVID 19.

Download the app now to help with Track & Trace and help keep everyone safe during your visit and beyond.