Save our Roof

We still need another 5220 slates and each one costs £3 - can you help?
100.33% Raised
£2,006.50 donated of £2,000.00 goal
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Wiston Lodge’s main building is a beautiful, Category B listed former Victorian hunting lodge. The good news is that the Lodge’s structure is in fairly good condition. The bad news is that our roof isn’t.

As part of our roof’s renovation, we will have to replace approximately 80% of its slates. Each of these roofing tiles costs approximately £3.00. We will need around 5,220 slates to replace damaged ones. Will you help by buying us a slate?

To date, we have secured £79,270.00 out of a needed £80,450.00 for this first roof conservation phase to occur. We are so close to reaching this goal!

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