Low Ropes Course

The low ropes course at Wiston Lodge is one of our favorites as it is perfect for visitors of all ages and skill levels. It also facilitates cooperation and communication among children and adults. As our programme participants negotiate the course, they develop increased confidence in their abilities as individuals and team-members.
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Low ropes picture

“Pirate Pete” McIntyre, Wiston Lodge’s Activities Coordinator, (also an erstwhile treasure hunter and buccaneer when he’s not leading courses at Wiston Lodge), says, “The low ropes course is a perfect vehicle for our visitors to improve their Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED) skills, a cornerstone of all of our work. It’s also just a lot of fun for everyone!

Indeed, course participants on the low ropes are able to improve all of their core skills, including: team-building, problem-solving, communication, reliability, adaptability and trainability. The low ropes course is also a good mid-level activity which better prepares visitors for the high ropes course and for other challenging outdoor activities with their instructors.

Why Funds are so Important Right Now

Thanks to a recent community grant from the South Lanarkshire Council, we were able to reconstruct and revamp our low ropes course. However, we still need to raise £300 to purchase aggregate and geotextile fabric for the site to give our visitors the high quality experience that they deserve. The aggregate is essential as it will provide a soft, safe landing surface for low ropes course participants. The fabric, which will be placed under the gravel, will be important to suppress weeds.

“Pirate Pete” says, “For our charity, every bit counts when it comes to your thoughtful donations.  Whether you give us money in the form of doubloons, ‘pieces of eight,’ or pounds, your donations will be used for this essential project here at Wiston Lodge. Thank ye for your kindness and generosity! Yarr!