General Donation

Keeping this Victorian hunting lodge weather-tight and welcoming as well as maintaining our 52 acre estate is an ongoing task! If you'd like to help us ensure that we are able to keep our doors open and welcoming vulnerable youth and adults by making a donation to help with the upkeep of our facilities, then you can do so below. We are always very grateful of all donations, big or small, to help with the upkeep and general maintenance of the lodge, grounds and outdoor activity structures.
£560.00 donated
2 Donors

If you would like to support a specific project or cause (such as the Path of the Little People, Grounds Development, house decor upgrade, adventure activity development), then let us know when you are making the donation and we can ring-fence your donation for that purpose.

If you think you are able to help the charity out in another way, either with your expertise, time, or something else, then don’t hesitate to contact us