Our Vision

Vision (the world our organisation wants to see)

A world where people have the opportunities and support they need to grow positive, sustainable futures.

Purpose (the part we will play in making that happen)

To provide a unique rural setting where people can feel safe and be supported to develop the skills they need to fulfil their potential, free from the distractions of everyday life.

Mission (what we actually do on the ground)

Our mission is to –

  • Deliver tailored learning programmes to children and young people, vulnerable adults, and to the staff of the organisations that support them.
  • Work with our surrounding community to support, sustain and build a brighter future for our local area.
  • Offer our hospitality, recreational facilities and training to groups who support our charitable purpose.
  • The core programmes we run to support our mission are-
  • Adventure Activities
  • Nature Connections (bushcraft, conservation, gardening)
  • Music and Art
  • Renewable Energy Education.

Beliefs (core ideology that guides our decision making and work)

We believe:

  • All people regardless of their needs or circumstances can extend their boundaries and build their potential through our Personal, Social and Emotional Development programmes.
  • In supporting the development, and building the prosperity, of our surrounding local communities through our work.
  • That building lasting partnerships with other agencies is the most effective way to deliver our programmes.
  • That offering opportunities for continuing personal and professional development to our staff and volunteers is the key to delivering our mission.
  • In an ethical approach towards resourcing food, materials and energy.


We value:

  • Welcoming a wide diversity of groups from all backgrounds into our unique community and learning from each other.
  • The contribution of volunteering across all aspects of our work
  • Our environment and are committed to conserving and sustaining it in all our actions