On the art trail with Biggar Little Festival

We’re delighted to be a venue on the art trail of Biggar Little Festival this year. Our own exhibition takes place over two days at the end of October and is a show of the creative work and people that Wiston Lodge has inspired and drawn in.

Our photo show and art trail has several components. First, visit the Russell Hub (the new-build at the back of the main building) to see the photos and art. These include the work of architectural photographer Ross Campbell, who has captured the wooden structures and live-build by Strathclyde architecture students in an atmospheric narrative of our decade long partnership with the school.

Other photographers and artists who will be exhibiting in the Hub have a long-standing connection with Wiston Lodge. Alan became project co-ordinator of the Path of the Little People a few years ago but previously trained and worked as a photographer all over the world, specialising in portraiture. Imogen is a freelance outdoor instructor and artist who graduated in fashion design ast year. Her work includes illustrations of the estate. Other staff and visitors connected with Wiston Lodge will also have their art and photos on display, including digitally.

A print, canvas and digital display of work will be the main exhibition, then you can head out into the grounds to see the Strathclyde pieces that have been built over the years and which are part of the fabric of the estate. An illustrated map will help you find your way. 

Refreshments available.