Mac heads off on a new path

Last month we said farewell to our funding officer Mac after seven years in his post. Mac was the media and grant writing volunteer at Wiston Lodge from September 2014 until December 2016, when he was hired as a part-time grant-writer and funding officer.  He has left to devote more time to a PhD in human geography at the University of Glasgow.  Mac brought in funding for various projects and posts over the years, including the creation of Path of the Little People, new roofs for the main lodge’s south block, the renovation of the campers’ washroom facility and the creation of Wiston Lodge’s outdoor hub, for which he raised half of the finance needed. Here, he recalls his highlights from volunteering and working at Wiston Lodge.

“Wiston Lodge has been one of the gentlest employers I have ever known.  It is an incredible place to work and an incredible place to volunteer.  I am very grateful for the kindness of so many at Wiston to me and my family over the years,” said Mac. 

“By far and away my favourite project that I had the privilege to be involved with was Path of the Little People.  That was, and remains, a brilliant team effort that was first sketched on the back of a napkin and then grew into one of the most vibrant programmes that Wiston Lodge offers to children on the autistic spectrum.  It has a little something for everyone: music, nature, art, play. To see the Path develop over time, and see our visitors develop over time as people, whether on the Path or on one of our other programmes; it is a real privilege to have been part of all of that.” 

“I will miss working at Wiston Lodge.  What an amazing opportunity it was to work at a personal development charity that is run out of an historic site, in the midst of a natural oasis where people come from all over to become better people…what a treasure of a place.”