Partners Weir Group swing by to lend a hand

We have a lovely new spot to enjoy the view across the front lawn, from our new basket swing, which was installed last week by our Partners the Weir Group. It took the team a day and it was amazing to watch a group of engineers precision fit a piece of equipment that will bring more fun and laughter to Wiston!

Partners play a role in supporting charities by donating their professional time, expertise, or lending many pairs of hands to complete projects. These positive partnerships benefit children and vulnerable young people, while empowering companies’ corporate responsibility.  We’re delighted to be growing our relationship with Weir and others, whose support we’ll also feature.

As well as publicity for your support, there are other benefits to being a Partner. Wiston Wellness Days and Work Parties also give your organisation the opportunity to bring colleagues together after years of homeworking. To find out more see our Partners brochure, or get in touch on Speak to us about becoming involved!