Vision to Ensure Residential Outdoor Education for the Future

A conversation has started with the aim of guaranteeing that our young people have the chance to take part in a residential outdoor education experience as part of the curriculum post Covid-19. A group of outdoor education centres and politicians from across Scotland have created a joint vision for the future that emphasises the importance of this work. We fully support this vision and look forward to being part of its further development and implementation.

The outdoors and taking part in adventurous activities gives our young people new experiences and new ways to learn outside of the classroom. It has also been shown to improve their mental health and wellbeing, reduces the attainment gap, and develops connections to and care for the natural environment. All of this has been lost or severely affected by the pandemic and all are things we need to remedy as we look to helping our young people during the recovery in the years ahead.

We asked David Hughes, Headteacher at Thornlie Primary School, why he believes coming to Wiston Lodge for a residential is such an important experience for his pupils. We’re sure his is a view shared by many in the teaching profession across the country and we hope that a residential outdoor education experience is built into education as we move forward.