From little acorns…

There have been some changes to part of our woods! Forestry contractors have begun removing 2 hectares of non-native trees from the edge of the estate. This is all sitka spruce, which was planted as a windbreak by previous owners and is largely a forestry crop. The removal of these trees is part of our plan to include more of the estate in educational purposes.

When the ground has replenished its nutrients, we will replant with mixed native broadleaf. This has two important functions: deciduous supports wildlife better than evergreen, and the replanting programme with native trees will include children and young people in environmental activities. There will be further opportunities for programmes that fulfil volunteering and environmental purposes, like the team development work pictured with pupils from Robert Gordon’s College, who visit us every year to complete projects like path building.

This work is nurture. It will be an active part of our work with communities and young people, and become part of our commitment to promoting native Scottish species. 

It will take time, but this is the moment to start bringing this part of Wiston Lodge’s estate further towards our mission. Our vision is a world where people have the opportunities and support they need to grow positive, sustainable futures. Renewable education is part of this, and we have the chance to take our estate in this new direction. The original planting around Wiston Lodge was aimed to protect the estate as it matured. As part of our continued development and while Covid ensures that we have few visitors, we can safely fell, and make new plans. The resulting development will better match the needs of our guests.  We’ll keep you posted on its future!