Let there be light – a new chapter for Path

We are delighted to unveil the story-telling hut, which is ready for a new role in renewable energy education on the Path of the Little People. Path Co-ordinator Alan Jones has been developing this exciting new phase of the project to combine renewables with creative and experiential learning.

A new chandelier and LED light strip running round the room are powered by the wind turbine, which was installed just outside the hut early in the new year. After fitting the turbine and battery cell, Alan sourced and fitted the lighting, and then filled the hut with inspirational props – including a spinning wheel and a carved chair donated by our head of grounds Colin. He then developed story prompts centred around the hut as the home of a mythical figure who guards the lands and precious resources of Tinto Hill. A Tinto song was written to go with stories for young people to enjoy, sparking their imagination and engaging them in science.

This unique facility is a wonderful addition to the Path’s educational purpose – creatively engaging children and young people in nature, music, history and science. The National Lottery’s Young Start Community Fund programme makes this possible and we can’t wait to welcome the first groups of children to hear stories of the earth!