Friends of Wiston Lodge

Without our supporters who make small donations or volunteer to help in the house or grounds, either regularly or on an ongoing basis, Wiston Lodge would not be around today.

So, if you’re one of those special people, many many thanks.  We really appreciate you.

The last few years have sometimes been a struggle, but with your help, we’ve grown and developed Wiston Lodge to carry on the good work envisaged from the beginning.  Now we’d like to do even more!

Our Friends of Wiston Lodge programme is for those supporters who would like to help us do a little more.  By making a small monthly donation, or by signing up to help around the grounds, you will be part of our Friends group, who will be able to put forward ideas and be involved in the planning of new initiatives.

We’ll be planning Friends events that will be free to all our registered supporters, so if you think you’re ready, please sign up now.