Annual Report 2016-17

Thank you for your support and interest in our charity and the work that we do.

Wiston Lodge Annual Report 2016-2017

Without continued support from individuals and funding bodies, we would not be able to maintain our level of delivery for the individuals and organisations that choose to visit Wiston Lodge and, in many cases, make us an important part of their lives.

We always seek to maximise the experience of coming to Wiston Lodge for all of our guests. It is therefore really important to us that we can show every penny spent here brings a return.

Wiston Lodge has now been operating for 10 years. Purchased in 2007 from YMCA Scotland, the charity is now firmly established as an organisation in its own right.

The staff have worked tirelessly over the last ten years and benefitted from a long overdue pay review in 2016-17. Without their hard work and dedication, we would not have been able to come so far. Key to our investment is the care and development of those who work here, something that will continue over into 2017-18.

Your continued support and involvement in all our here is greatly appreciated by all here at Wiston Lodge. Thank you to everyone, but especially to:

  • Hands Up for Trad
  • The Princes Trust
  • Tinto Music and Arts
  • University of Strathclyde (Architecture Department)
  • Woodland Trust Scotland

As well as the many individuals who supported us through our social enterprise, participating in activities as diverse as Mindfulness, Music, Yoga, Breadmaking and Philosophy.

Jonny Sutherland

Managing Director