Nature Connections

Working outdoors has the power to transform people’s lives, as they learn new skills in the midst of our beautiful 52-acre estate. Programmes are designed to be experiential (learning by doing), fostering an appreciation of the great outdoors and a recognition of our effect on the natural world.


The organic vegetable and herb garden at Wiston Lodge has been providing vegetables to our kitchen for over ten years. This makes it the ideal place to learn about growing and harvesting your own food. We use simple techniques, no chemicals and no machinery, making the garden relevant to all ages and abilities.

It is an ideal place to learn gardening skills in a safe, controlled environment


We run many different types of environmental programmes for visiting groups, from constructing bird boxes to managing a whole woodland. These projects can form part of a John Muir Award, and we also deliver Rural Skills SVQ. The remoteness of Wiston Lodge allows visiting groups to immerse themselves in a variety of nature-related topics that can potentially open new ideas concerning our environment.


Head into our woods and learn shelter-building and fire-making, using materials found on the estate. Immersed in nature and our peaceful surroundings, this is an ideal opportunity to re-engage with the outdoors. Bushcraft elements can be incorporated into almost any programme.