University Students Transform Caravan

“Wiston Wanderer”, one of Several Projects Planned along Charity’s Future Interpretive Trail for Disadvantaged Youngsters. Two University of Strathclyde architecture students from Glasgow, Fiona MacGregor and Clare Paton, have completely converted a tired caravan at Wiston Lodge into a beautifully designed outdoor education classroom for local children in need. The impressive task, which was undertaken by the duo as a joint Masters Thesis project, will become an important component of an interpretive trail that Wiston Lodge is designing for its young visitors.  The caravan, dubbed the “Wiston Wanderer” by the classroom’s architects, will be used by many of the children

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Woodland Trust

Wiston Lodge and Woodland Trust join together in local woodland improvement

Several groups of thirty volunteers and staff met in the snow, rain and wind to plant trees donated by the Woodland Trust Scotland. Young People Brave the Elements to Learn New Work Skills and Protect the Environment.  During the weeks of March 9-13th and March 16-20th 2015, several groups of thirty volunteers and staff gathered together in the snow, rain and wind to plant trees donated to Wiston Lodge by the charity, the Woodland Trust Scotland. Wiston Lodge had recently received a free tree pack containing 420 trees and shrubs from the Woodland Trust to further enhance native woodland management efforts

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